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Magnetic rice with a Hamsa charm, pewter spacers and crystals. Hamsa means five fingers and represents the Hand of God in many cultures. Magnetic Hematite promotes blood flow, helps the body self-heal, strengthens the energy field and gets one more grounded and connected to earth energy. Our magnetic beads and semi-precious stones are cleansed and cleared with a 528 hz tuning fork and handcrafted with love and healing intentions.



  • Magnetic jewelry and other magnetic therapy products can be an effective, drug free way to help relieve pain.  For more than 20 years our beautiful magnetic jewelry has helped hundreds experience a holistic approach to pain management.  

    The Load Stone or Magnetic Hematite, as we know it today, has been in existence for more than 6,000 years.  It has been said that Cleopatra wore a small magnet on her forehead to preserve her youth.  Through the years it has been seen that Magnetic Hematite has a healing effect for many ailments.

    Magnets themselves do not cure disease.  Magnetic therapy and magnetic jewelry are used as an alternative treatment to help relieve pain and increase the body’s natural healing process.  Magnets provide the means to regulate cell activity, empower blood cells to exist at their optimum levels, and help move toxins and metabolic waste from the blood stream.  It is believed that it can improve blood flow by reducing inflammation. It is also believed that Hematite stones create paramagnetic fields that can block pain signals to the brain.



    • is handmade with love and healing intention
    • is cleansed and cleared with a 528hz tuning fork
    • contains natural Magnetic Hematite stones (which will never lose their magnetism)
    • contains semi-precious accent stones on some pieces that are non-magnetic but will not change the magnetic strength
    • is strung on 65 lb test monofilament line
    • has strong, durable 5000 gauss stainless steel closures ()
    • can be ordered on-line (to find the correct bracelet size, measure your wrist or ankle with a flexible measuring tape and add ½ inch)
    • should be taken off before swimming or bathing


    Magnetic therapy products are not meant to be sold as a substitute for traditional medicinal practices.  Magnetic products should not be worn if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or any other implanted medical device. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before wearing any magnetic product. There are no guaranteed benefits from our products, however, many people attest to the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. If you are concerned that magnetic therapy may not be right for you, or you have questions about health issues, please check with your doctor.

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